IP planning, protection and enforcement, nationally and globally.

We Plan, We Build, We Secure, We Enhance

Together we plan and build your intellectual property portfolio and we secure your ability to commercialise by clearing obstacles along the way.

We safeguard your business by putting protection in place and by removing or finding a way around third party rights.

But caring for your patents, trade marks, copyright and designs is just a part of what we do. We also work with you to prepare long term IP strategies, processes and policies to meet your commercial goals.

And importantly, we will make your IP journey as easy as possible:


We Plan

We give you clarity and peace of mind.

  • IP Strategy We create IP strategies that are realistic and easy for your business to implement, ensuring that your IP assets and issues are managed in a proportionate and pragmatic way.

  • IP Audits We undertake regular reviews of all your intellectual property matters to identify opportunities and threats, enabling you to minimise IP issues and maximise IP value.

  • IP Due Diligence We provide thorough and proportionate IP due diligence with a commercial mindset and bigger picture perspective.

  • IP Management We work with you to design and implement processes and policies that enable you to manage your IP in a pain-free way, and together we will regularly review your IP portfolio to ensure it continues to be effective.


We Build

We will protect your IP assets to help you build a market leading position.

  • Patents Patent searching, drafting, filing and prosecution to protect your innovations.

  • Trade Marks Trade mark searching, filing and prosecution to protect the goodwill in your brand.

  • Copyright Experienced in helping you navigate the complex aspects of copyright protection, so you understand your rights.

  • Designs Design registration preparation, filing and prosecution to protect the look of your products.


We Secure

We will secure your future allowing you to fend off competition.

  • Oppositions and appeals We are experienced in conducting both patent and trade mark opposition and appeal proceedings and will assert and defend your rights in the correct way.

  • Enforcing your rights We can stop competitors from encroaching on your brand or innovation by enforcing your intellectual property rights.

  • Clearing the way We can identify third party rights that might hinder your commercial plans, and we can design and implement a sensible strategy to narrow down or remove those rights.

  • Defending an infringement action You can have peace of mind that we have the knowledge and experience to both defend you and improve your negotiating position if you find yourself on the receiving end of an infringement allegation.


We Enhance

We will help enhance the value of your innovations.

  • Patent Box We offer a fixed-fee Patent Box package focussed on protecting your innovations in a way that will enable you to benefit from a lower rate of corporation tax.